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Tue, Jul. 1st, 2008, 12:23 am
permanence an illusion caused by abeyance of catastrophy

fame maims
stars are invalids
their identity a
construct, moment -by

(...insight gained
through conversation - something sensed
but not signified,
not stirred)

fear rejection
dialogue most
efficient, least

the trigger internal,
some escape

Mon, Mar. 24th, 2008, 02:09 am
Out of Dreams of Motivational Selling

- a nightmare recital for the sales professional

At once that the prospect with the buying process is specific and a customer has, to collect to play modifies suddenly. A level of the obligation and agreement, in you R makes a success of a preference now returned to suggest of Zukunfterwerbe... At once that you fixed at original acquisition, them with a procedure constantly specifically, which you were already caught. If you realize, you bring to period of waiting the points which are important to the consumer, until the consumer sees enough the advertisement, to form the nature of the product him or his purchase outside:

 Products have their own single constitution which is based on our emotional reaction to them include/understand the psychological excursion of the product and the prospect - these emotional aspects which react well to a distance of synchronization envisaged and the direction it develops, which needs emotional and logical consumers A. then gather the nature of the product with the nature of the prospect re-examine the emotional needs, because prospect you reach feeling the essence of the reason for the prospect. If there is an objection in the understanding of the customer, you take it access to take objections does not disarm only initially, but it reduces also the value or the negative consequence of the quality of problem. By representing you a negative front quality, you melt initial resistance and come here, like honestly with the misleading place.

 They cannot repair, without initially raising an objection him. They waste, unless you raise your time which repairs an objection him. If you do not make the true difficulties which have your prospects in their understanding, you then waste total your time to repair of an objection corner more like confidence of construction, incite a respect and indicate your plenitude.

It repairs a conflict in the understanding of the consumer in work which must be repaired to put a sale take the understanding on a voyage of spirit, to capture the inclusion of the reader. An inclusion the device is slightly which includes the customer in the buying process. While carrying you by the images of spirit of the possession of product, you can the reader included of maintenance and subtly fixed:

 NPL submodalities:

Sight capacity of hearing notes taste odor équilibre/equilibrium

to consider to him those to which, if they to consider to be a poster, aviators or of Advert only the materials (as in paper, ink, or colouring), to repair in complete coherent see a newspaper.

On the technique of the relation or that in the relations what the consumer knows already and it includes/understands, which you sell with types new product which is simple to include/understand and return. to take what it is intimate with the prospect, returns on the object which you sell and a bridge in the understanding of the prospect manufactures.

 The relation is a fundamental human emotional system storage of the experiments and knowledge and these experiments then recall above and it with something connects that we must employ a daily base above.

The owner would like to be marked with the category that to have too.  Frequently, the purchaser, of logic does not realize not used, to justify an acquisition knows however the precise logical justifications to buy product, not the emotional reasons.

A consumer who buys a specific type, was motivated, to buy this type by a desire to mark already with the group of the people, this type to have heard, the desire, and to mark with a people group can belong to be used, while realizing and by gathering which groups your prospect then the needs and the desires for your prospect with your product.

One in the ways that Marketingspezialisten direct of sales optimize on ' the collection of the instinct ', is, by sending free with very first forwarding a device to hold accumulation. By filling it accumulation, that slightly completes not to make hard its, an agreement shows it new owner to which.

 Your best customers can be ery wells one than almost dientical prodcut has already.

This one is, because, at once that a behavior of purchase was adjusted, it is simple troestend and to be constant in the activity buying of the future. What you also always say to the end of your representation if it is necessary to increase a call for activity or, a direction of the urgency should be the truth and should be done in manual work to maintain the same plenitude which is expressed during the their sales of distance of synchronization. Even a great direction of the urgency can be wasted, if you omit critical information in your representation.

In forming that you seem, while limiting and then this fact exclusively known being your prospect by forming the number who is trained, normally causing a greater request to sell and the positive duration that you can limit qualities, increases by the signs and your products or underproduce to number them.

More fame to which your name and most invaluable has you, most invaluable your signature. All we want like special and simple things, as one treats to engrave of a product this force of lever ina demonstration produced to take very quickly can. They wish so basically and not very complicated your advertisement its to which it does not take much, to include/understand him.

Frequently, you must meet the best choice for the customer, by preselecting the model, or style and the formant with that which mark you. To the consumer a series the means of choice confusing to give that the consumer withdraws himself and does not buy. Only after your prospect becomes, your customer can represent to you more difficult offers and products.

In the direct postal sendings more materials which are filled in Postsendungstueck, less the people, fold the piece to throw outside and feel them guiltier with that, if they do not receive and react associated. The repetition causes also a debt and combinging with repetition with sending something of the value causes a strong direction of debt. to be and strongly in the religions which took this handling of a debt to a social unit of you of function, catholic repetition ritual practical cases adapted, if they learn, like this technique on the Ego and a marking of a private individual works.

There is another aspect valuational with the excursion... which it is better, to offer the less expensive model your element marked initially or. The one perspective one frequently, in a way dependent on nature of the product to tighten by the price lower delux the version however to buy then. Eager to receive the value and possible price low, the prospect neglects a reality completely, to carry out Egonotwendigkeiten to receive optimal price and value.

 Annoncierend I that the product niedrig-veranschlagte to offer would not throw then in the particular sale, to tighten..., at once that the purchaser in the memory was, me, the product more expensive fisrt. If you justify the price of your product or the service, you added value your offer and to give to the prospect a more logical reason to buy. They sell on a feeling.

Frequently, a sentence or a sentance or even a condition should not be correctly logical. If it communicates the advertisement émotionnellement, it not only employment, is more effective to him than the logical advertisement. If it that you speak each word, has a feeling notes which is attached too much him -- almost like a short history itself -- then, to you also a very good comprehension of the effect some words in sales the process gains has.

Bevoelkeren you purchase on an emotional level with logic to justify acquisition, and a use of the correct emotional words increases sales the process. Wouldn't you become in a product that buy it rather invest? On setting it up justification, you and they give complete then outside: if you justify an acquisition in the understanding of the consumers, they have any no to buy excuses, and can indeed even smell guilty, if it not. Each one would like to know that acquires to them a logical base has and not to be justified cannot.

They would like to place this logic at the disposal. Without it, the prospect misses some-of major elements to repair all its objections in the selling process. Logic of opinion like the answer to a unspoken question, ', why if I, do buy this thing to you?" Sof lowering a price, a product causes a simpler sale which requires less justification and less logic hold to lower and you cause an increased emotional desire of this product which causes all logic and each need possible to justify the price acquisition.

go all the direction of the reason and logic YOU DÉBARASSIEZ enough and window be thrown - acquisition becomes a completely emotional reaction without credibility required.

You should not say on the product with much at a very low price. Gift right the product.

If people understand that that the product is and, is much larger percieved value, gives him to them people who buy it, if they do not require it or. But if raise the price, without radically placing the proof of the value at the disposal and the drops of maintenance.

 regulate and you can take into high sales a work which justifies its acquisition the request. If the price of a product assembles the number the sold units of measuring, downwards and more effort will inform and to convince, the product will sell required. But if give up the price and represent that the enormous value and the mania to have lead only the sales.

If you communicate honesty and plenitude in your advertisement, of the probabilities are you went a long manner in direction to manufacture of your credibility. However credibility is not a honesty and a plenitude right, credibility is credible. Credibility also means of Wahrhaftigkeit.

One of the greatest factors, it can influence credibility, all the difficulties which it thus does not repair are made in an understanding of your prospect, that they think the you' Re which dissimulates or avoids an obvious disturbance of the product or services something. Techniques explainations can add much credibility, but you must guarantee that you become indeed an expert and that theirs must be precise statemens to correctly add a competence of an advertising embassy.

They explain initially your offer, then you, have something to make which is radical, to support on on your prospect him or him on the edge. Satisfaction ideal conviction should raise an objection or the last top of resistance in the understanding of the prospect and repair them. But, if you repair it, neglect until outside your prospect waits you establish (a reputation for Overdelivering).

They would not like to make a difficulty and to then carry them out with false dissolution. It has, logic to be. The key is simply an end your sales representation with an impassioned dissolution of each possible objection, by offering a satisfaction to the conviction which goes that outside the prospect would be waited normally too by each one would be allowed until besides.

If you say that something which is all in your representation besides is constant (in fall of a specific method or contradictions or modification go in an unexpected way, train you slightly an exaggeration that you cannot examine, legends who is context with which outside it as represents yourselves), is very easily isolated him by the prospect.

Instead of that, you declare that is to sell of your product are relevant and the climate to sell your product cause a history in the representation of your sales, or to receive product to integrate in your sales representation. Guaranteed Chould the attention of a person, the product or the service return a history well to the advertisement of the sales and help you to adjust with the prospect. It is extremely important that you became an authorization what you also always sell.

The knowledge is a strong manner to express an authorization.

The authorization can also be expressed by the behaviour, the age or an experiment; its use in the selling process gives confidence to people, to make decisions and is correct it to know.

The reader with the actual value of a product simply to inform is equivalent with lowering of his price and places a greater value at the disposal. There is a value which is related to the formation, you your prospect aiming at the order places at the disposal and your prospect is more consequently to pay (this paradigm "of the payment = of the money which geaustauscht become, is not the only paradigm, in which this payment appears.

The payment in this respect and all the other contexts also refer to the new paradigm of the reputation, in which one has a feed basin of the payment, only by time and an exposure jumped and in the quantities different from specific natures will be applied can. Natures in this case are again these bodies which implement a function.

 DURATIONS OF SETTING IN CIRCUIT produce declarations with specific facts strong credibility. The specific facts must be honest and precise. If you form a specific requirement with facts and precise illustrations, your advertisement is much more credible and frequently close friend. MAJOR KNOWLEDGE PRODUCES annoncieren NATURALLY marks sufficient with CONFIDENCE or its name with a prospect and sell a product a direction of major knowledge cause.

You cause each time a climate selling close friend and encourage close friend of with the marks which you produce sales. Of Kontrastieren you completely foriegn, with a close friend sales the climate and trusted marks adjust, to reinforce this excursion. hold your name before your prospect carry out the value a close friend of mark, trademark it comes out much from marks and in the future is let know, of the slogan that to know is instinktiv the your sentences bevoelkeren and close friend and the words which your public can harmonize... all cause an engagement of the major knowledge of your prospect.

As the reader holds, ' Yes ' statement so a long time or believes that that their is you, is of Saying correctly and continuous with the interested stay, harmonizes you with your prospect. A good technique must deliver a positive declaration and finish them with one of some positive questions. Komplimenthilfe. They should be credible, but you give each time to a prospect Kompliment, you are narrowly able to close sale. They wish your prospect with your declarations include/understand and correspond.

If you use the words to which your prospect includes/understands or returns, you will exceed yourselves prospect, instead of receiving narrowly. They would like pattern after your prospect on each level, to cause your value of love - to open on a level unterbewussten, so that your prospect is opened with your sales outdistances synchronization. Patterning is a form of convention.

Each possible nature can pattern from another nature, if you like the person credible or tried out authroity that credible Korporation or an institute, represents then, which a feeling of confidence on behalf of your prospect causes you known as you represent. Then, which you also always say, your product for you made, or for your preceding customers the energy of the hope is taken works like true possibility for your prospect, and, to force your prospect, to order. They must note the nature of your product and find something, to suggest to you a result approximately future capacity, without indicating a specific guarantee.

If you sell a intellectual property, curiousity the factor of key motivation is, and should use him like your principal tool to you selling. Curiosity can be used, if you mention use or profit at the beginning of an advertisement that him in the copy to discover some share later. They can the prospects which explain it, which necken it discover, by reading your book. The strongest factor of motivation IS effective to sell the books the curiosity which is followed only by the knowledge of universe and credibility.

With correct balance, the seed of curiosity and something, to deliver a representation to the end of your sales, you can use curiosity, to force prospects, to do something which they do not do and would help you your great sale to close.

They have pattern what works and with the market (or Memelache which wish you, perhaps vibe - at DURATIONS OF SETTING IN CIRCUIT) the capital then to harmonize you must go for your dreams to come from the harmonization with the market in general to Generals and specifically from the harmonization with your prospect. By thoughts engaging, an intuition, a feeling and a feeling, you can work an understanding, to reach a successful summary which form to suggest, positive and an amusing experiment.

More the understanding must work, to reach finally, more personally a summary than reaches to him, the satisfaction which it owner of this understanding... truthful with calms and the data represented contresigns becomes, reacts the prospect positively.

Mon, Mar. 17th, 2008, 01:47 am
review - cooler than genocide

just a quick note - over at alterati I've just posted a review of Cooler than Genocide - a four track EP from Experiment Haywire

later this week or early next week there'll be a full-length interview over that ep and more upcoming projects from machinekunt

also, I've just turned in pages 8-9 of the script for a comic book I've been working on with...  hmmm..  actually that's a top secret project

plus another top secret project was completed last night....  wow, I just realized that posting publicly about secret projects only serves to annoy myself and others.

Okay, then, how about this - tonight I'm also finishing up audio production on RIPPLE #14, an interview between Ray and Ryan with Pat Mastelotto of TU, bpm&m, MPTU, TOVAH, King Crimson, and countless other projects - that will be up any day now.

Later this week there will be a full-length album released from Philip K Nixon on Infictive County Records, so tonight I've spent a few hours finishing up the album artwork for that release

And the short fiction piece I've been writing specifically for this livejournal is coming along nicely - that will likely be the next post

til then.............

Thu, Mar. 13th, 2008, 03:42 am
Imaginal Time and the Construction of Sigils

(The following is a section of the appendix of the book The Art of Memetics by Edward Wilson and  myself.  This article is an adaption of an article I wrote some time ago for Key23, and is significantly cleaned up and revised for publication.  Enjoy.)

Studying occult arts is dangerous only to those who have a vested interest in seeing you remain the same.  There isn’t any such thing as supernatural - all things that occur happen within the realm of the natural. So the occultist’s task is puzzling out the secret knots by which this reality is bound - understanding both the mechanics of reality and the mechanism by which mind, unfettered, can untie these secret knots or bind up new ones.

The adaption of satanic imagery to magic is a relatively christian phenomena - but the supplication of a parishoner to a saintly or divine force is just as magical.  Transubstantiation is socially acceptable cannibalistic theater and this kind of theophagy occurs in many different traditions.  This is quite possibly the real reason that our culture has produced vampire and zombie archetypes, the symbolism of the blood of Christ has cast a shadow.  Any ritual theater gives its shadow equal power, so these doctrines writ large on a society produce a corresponding harmonic negative manifestations can utilize.

I believe the soul you possess is determined by the path you walk, and to alter your course requires that you sacrifice who you are to who you can become, or it requires you to subsume yourself to some greater archetypal force and act as its avatar in the phenomenal world.  The pragmatic approach is to engage with experience, then apply experience to signifying intent. If it can be used, then it can be understood.  Knowledge, information, is a new ordering, or a reformation, of ignorance. Ignorance can be thought of as a formless void, a place of not-as-of-yet. When knowledge takes up space inside, the ignorance is re-arranged to be meaningful.

This formation is a physical reality, and takes place within the protein strands that make up the cell walls of neurological tissue. Cab drivers in London have been shown to manifest larger sections of their brain because they have to memorize such an impressive array of bewildering and contradictory information, then navigate through it. That which is known never becomes unknown, but it can become inaccessible. The brain being what it is, a crucifixtion of matter and energy upon which consciousness writhes, it can move along axis in time that are un or pre-physical. But how do you get there, and what do you do there once you’re there? Kundalini yoga promises to make the bio-energy field of a mortal some kind of super-conductor, and the easiest way to understand any of this is to look at Alex Gray’s Sacred Mirrors.

There are assumptions we make based on our previous experience, one of which is that 2+2 always equals 4. Another is that 2+2 immediately equals 4. A friend of mine (with a mental clarity I myself lack) pointed out that 2+2 is only 2 2’s until they’ve been rectified to 4 (or 10, or 11) through the passage of time. But 2+2 is equalling 4 on paper, and continues to do so over and over after it is written, wherever it is written, for each and every incident in which 2+2=4 is signified. Thus, the period, or time blip of 2+2 equalling 4, is happening in a concurrent abstract imaginal time which shadows our time stream, much in the way the electronic reality of telephones, telepresence, and the juggernaut meant by thee “world wide web” parallels our own malkuthian physicality. If this shadow time exists, and it is the place where math occurs, then it must also be the arena of bind runes and logograms. It is the sphere of logos, the eighth sphere of the ancient’s heaven.

Another friend of mine would argue that 2+2=4 (or 10, or 11) happens instantaneously, that a numberline is essentially one-dimensional space, and only in the most arcane religious sense could one expect some underlying parallel reality to exist where numbers play with each other. As a materialist, he’s convinced that if something occurs, it is in no way related to some abstract world of forms riding concurrent to our malkuthian realm, but instead comes about through some primary purpose, along with a host of secondary agents all quantifiable by physical measurings. 2+2 equals 4 because 2+2 always is 4, there is no prior point to 4 during which 2+2 is in the action of becoming 4.

To begin, time moves in periods. A period is a “place” of occurence. The period is what is initiated in a ritual setting, for the ceremonially minded. From opening to banishment is one period of time.  It can help to understand ‘where’ imaginal time occurs before we progress, which brings us to the concept of the perfect world of forms - the idea being that there’s only One of any one group of like things, and that it isn’t there in the mundane world, only in the abstraction thought of when we reference a specific noun in conversation. This perfect form existed in Mind alone, where Mind is the perfect mind of all those thinking about that perfect form.

Imaginal time, or ’shadow time’ as some writers have referenced, occurs in this perfect world of forms.  It is through operations in imaginal time that new One things are created, other One things are comprehended, and even more important, some One things are cut away. Everyone has their own private time, their own private symbolic garden in which these One things are clustered, and careful preoccupations can direct the inner gardener to the imagos which to water, which to cut apart.  But to engage in magic is to find the collective source from which mankind culls meaning, and directly applying sigilic techniques to the energy of the as-yet-unmanifest. Using certain substances has the effect of placing any random individual, prepared or not, into a place where they are effective magicians until that particular state of consciousness fades.  However these states of consciousness are accessible through a number of techniques, and often what we think of as magical texts are instructions in achieving these states of consciousness through different methods.

There are demons who have become so through renaming of gods… thus Astarte becomes Ashtoreth, boshet (or shame) bestowed upon her by magicians (priests, not evil ones but levi ones) and the same happened to Baal become Beelzebub by adding zebub (or flies) to his name. Essentially, they dipped into the imaginal bubble where Baal meant lord, and garbled the code to make Baal unworshipful. Yeah, I know I’m playing with semantic fire here, but the cultural effect is now that by calling upon Ashtoreth you are communing with a decadent godform, a godform mutilated by opposing forces. You’d be better off trying to commune with Astarte - only she’s mostly gone, all her energies subsumed by Ashtoreth in the collective unconsciousness.

The ability to generate then transform meaning in those examples implies a kind of cultural propaganda war. All of history is supposedly the history of secret societies, but if “history’ is the meaning we’ve imparted to it, then history is necessarily the history of conflict between world views - of cultural memory applied to geography. Within each worldview there then must be that which is held apart from common life, be it festival, religion, or monthly party meetings - on the corporate level these are the employee meetings and holiday office parties - and the keeper of the calendar is the mage of that society (just as the keeper of the colander is the cook.)

Still ancient man’s sigilic understanding of the heavens is little more than a confluence of environmental factors and psychological ones. The real exploration took place not in the abstract but in the day to day lifestyle of the average astrologer… “What comes next? Why is it that every 88 days that traveling light returns to that part of the sky? What does it mean?”

What does it mean? That was the question put to the learned, the mages… these fellows who extrapolate meaning have crafted entire cultures for their various bioregions. Of course, thinking globally, networking globably as magicians is an entirely new beast compared to the ancient magics - Apuleius would lose his mind if faced with the basic accoutrements of the technopagan. Those raised in dark cold regions of the earth devise maddeningly harsh cosmologies of fire and ice around their calendar and against that framework they construct their ritual sequences. Islanders in the south pacific, or Aztec priests, or Persian magi would be hard pressed to apply Norse runic magic to their own daily practice (except that it somehow facilitated imagination.) It isn’t part of their worldview, and it doesn’t apply to daily life. Yet all will find reflection in the concepts bound to the moon, for example… or the signifigance of death, or the concepts of storm, or disease - these physicalities spawn abstractions that can be recognized, their significance transcending the physical form of the abstraction.

But that doesn’t fulfill the social duty of the mage, because the relayed wisdom must be put into a context - for at least a while the social group must rise into the same area of thought in which the mage engages abstractions… there must be a key to unlock the verbal transmissions into an internal understanding - the symbolic seed must unflower. Ecstatic states of awareness, the dionysion spirit present in all who tripped on the kykeon, provided a glimpse into the arena in which meaning fought meaning - where ideas breed, battle, and consume, and it is the same place Carl Jung termed the collective unconscious. The closest (if a few years of mucking about with specific agents against 3000 years of precisely synergized compounds can be called close) this culture has come to the Eleusian Mystery Rites was at the hands of the Merry Pranksters, and the reverberations of that carried everyone involved into new mythic resonances within worldwide culture.

But how do you illustrate the effective way to be most effective, most effectively? The mind learns through several ways, and different people acquire knowledge and wisdom through their unique methods and circumstance, or mind set and environment, to riff off Dr. Leary’s Harvard research. To incorporate new experience, the brain shuffles its symbols to incorporate the knowledge - knowledge is stored information, or memory. The art of knowing is the art of memory, a’la the Dominican’s most heretical student, Giordano Bruno. To really understand something though, most people need an experience upon which to base their understanding - a substrate for their foundations of belief. Magick doesn’t ‘just happen’ it is sculpted into being with will and ingenuity and chastity of purpose.

Magic is willed transformation. That’s a pretty straightforward concept. A lot of contemporary magicians are overly involved with manifest evolution, and throughout history evolving consciousness and breaking the barrier between the ego and the self has been the focus of mystery schools and magicians.  There’s the trick alluded to in Ridley Scott’s Legend, of light in extension revealing the Id at play, the shadow of the self driven to conflict, the death instinct bound in our fore-shortened telomeres. The very essence of our psyche is biological, for we are still fleshy beings, ridden by the passage of time blipping along. (That’s the real essence of astrology, that time blips past.) But that’s kind of short-sighted depth-psychology and doesn’t illustrate (until directly experienced) any kind of magickal action, even though light in extention is the initiation in it’s most literal sense.

To return again to magic then - what do I mean by the physical form of an abstraction? And how does the physical form of an abstraction effect the abstraction off in its perfect world of forms?

Meaning is created through attention. In On Structural Sigilisation Simon Fabolous by way of M.K. gives us the formula “THE MOMENT OF INTENSIVE THOUGHT BURNS HOLES IN THE FABRIC OF REALITY.” I’d say holes is a touch understated, that in actuality this intensive thought creates discrete wholes. That moment of intensive thought is attention apprehending abstract wholes. To return again to magic then - what is the physical form of an abstraction, and what is the relationship between the abstraction and the physical form?

Sigilization is the seed of the energy for the aforementioned physicality of abstraction, and as such plays a profound role in creating conduits between the inner world of the mage and the external world of all things. Sigils refract vibrations between the mage utilizing the sigil and the shadowtime from which the sigil resides in meaning, as if it were a soul submerged in a fluid of intellect. (I know that’s another woolyheaded phrase to digitize into pixels so lets see if I can give a better comprehensive view of the thesis here.)

To concretize: let us say you wish to create a bindrune from runic letters to act as a focus, for the conscious mind, that change may occur in the phenomenal world. Perhaps, like so many others, you seek wealth, and ascertain that combining lagu, ansuz, and gyfu should produce a runic form conducive to drawing energy related to wealth into your psyche as seed, and thus into the timeline of your sphere of interaction within the phenomenal world.  The construction of the runic form occurs in your realtime, and also occurs continuously in shadowtime.  Mathematics, or the combination of symbolic forms, doesn’t require a real space in which to occur except in that it provides a way for mind to understand the mechanics of the symbolic sets; a place only as real as it needs to be in order to convey meaning.

The creative element of combining and manipulating the latent symbols into an overall seed glyph occurs both here & in that otherwhen. The unique form of the glyph is the seed, the potential - it is not an individuated energy form as yet. The first logogram designed is just barely a sigil, one could think of it as a solitary seed for a plant never before grown, an unique crucifixtion of potentials, poised between the entity it will come to represent in the abstract world, the place it has come from (within the mind of the designer) the time it was made (each moment or blip a discrete whole in a series of wholes) and the purpose or intent invested in its symbolic structure. From the threads of these four energies a knot is tied on the altar of the mage’s consciousness. This 5th energy, this secret knot now tied, is the true sigil - it is an intersection of the glyph, the time of the glyph’s making, the energy behind the glyph, and the intent in which the glyph was formed.

Symbols are a prime tool of magic, because to will successfully one must be conscious of ones intention, and symbols thus become touchstones for the mind as it navigates the abstractions of shadow time. This mental manipulation of symbols takes place concurrently within shadow time and real time, mind being the gate between the two, as an archway between 2 courtyards. The manipulation of symbols then takes place both within the mind of the magician, as well as within the time stream of the physical and the shadow time wherein abstractions change. Thus, to construct a ritual in physicality is the same as constructing one within one’s conscious awareness - and creating symbols acts to prepare the mind for the use of those symbols. Your consciousness is the altar of the temple of yourself, and you have to figure out what symbolic forms hold meaning for you within that temple structure.

Sun, Mar. 9th, 2008, 04:29 am
Setting Down Ideas


I've got a few ideas about why I'm now in LJ, but nothing fully formed. 

It's either 3 or 4 am

the inbetween time of springing forward
resetting intentions
aligning moments - it's an interstitial place, and adjusting intention
turns things inside out

as I write, I get a phone call
a friend is watching

What Is It?

I get a phone call AS I'M WRITING THIS ENTRY  -  People don't expect me to ever be asleep.

Okay.  this is a first post.  I write at other places too, usually more coherently, places like alterati.com

I started this because I'm interested in developing as a short fiction writer, so I figured this is as good a place as any to test drive short fiction

I'll be beck when I've gotten together something short fictionish to place in here...  otherwise look for me in comments on other people's journals